What’s Inside a Martial Arts History Museum?

A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the Martial Arts History Museum is designed as an educational, cultural and artistic experience in which visitors and young people can learn about each of the different Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, etc.) and how martial arts played a significant role in their culture, history and traditions. It also provides an historical look at American history with sections on the History of Anime, Martial Arts in America and Media arts including film, tv and magazines. The Martial Arts History Museum is something the whole family can enjoy from traditional Japanese Samurai, Theodore Roosevelt studying judo, Chinese lions, to such items as the Karate Kid headband, Mortal Kombat shield, etc.

CLOSURE DATES: In order to observe Memorial Day, the Museum will be closed Thursday, May 26 through Sunday, May 29.

Visit The Martial Arts Museum

The Martial Arts History Museum was designed by the artists of the Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks, The Simpsons and Halloween professionals who kindly donated their time and services to make the Martial Arts History Museum an enjoyable place for the whole family. It is not a who’s who, it is not a sports museum, rather, it is about history, culture, art, music and tradition and how Asian history became part of American history.

Dragonfest Expo

July 9, 2016 is the biggest and most professional convention on the West Coast. Filled with Anime artists, martial arts celebrities, film production companies, toys, weapons, book authors, arts & crafts, jewelry and more. This is the biggest event of the year and we asking all to come and support the Museum by attending Dragonfest. CLICK HERE

Group Visits

If you are looking for a change in field trip destinations, the Martial Arts History Museum is an excellent alternative. We continually hosts a number of tours from unified schools districts, home schools, special education schools, seniors and martial arts schools. Tours take approximately 1 hour to enjoy. They include time to enjoy the Museum, a docent-led tour PLUS a fun Scavenger Hunt to earn a Museum sticker. We provide an extremely affordable group rate.

Ewart Chin Day

Let’s all gather together at the Museum, this June 11, 2016, to celebrate the life of one of the premier Kung Fu practitioners in America. He the associate producer for the Martial Arts Kid movie and a strong supporter of the Museum. Plus, he’s a very, very cool guy, join us as we honor Ewart Chin at the Museum. It’s only $10 and casual dress at 4 PM.

Events and Seminars

The Martial Arts History Museum hosts a variety of unique events and seminars twice a month. From Honor Days, special screenings, Samurai history, language workshops, sushi seminars, animation drawings, craft displays, martial art demonstrations to sword cutting performances, makes the facility a place to visit frequently. We have some fantastic events that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Please visit the Martial Arts History Museum’s events page.

Museum T-Shirts

A new line of Museum t-shirts has just been released. Two dozen unique designs that we know you will love. From kid sizes to womens sizes to adults, we’ve got our connection through Amazon so you can be assured of a fast delivery. There are many different colors to choose from so don’t be shy.