The Adventures of Ichi & His Friends

Come with us as we join Ichi, Kekoa, Shinji, Lalo and Sifu as they take on an exciting and breathtaking adventure. Together, they will face both laughter and tragedy as they overcome a multitude of obstacles to reach their destination. This book is a fun read for both young children and adults as it provides an understanding about different cultures and traditions. 

This first in a series of books, “The Journey to Mountain Temple,” provides an in-depth look at each of the characters and how they face encounters on their route to Mountain Temple to study with Sifu. Michael Matsuda, president of the Martial Arts History Museum and former Walt Disney Productions graphic artist, designed the book as a way to inspire others.

For young people, the book is about life’s lessons. It shares stories about working together and encouraging one another. It is an ideal book for writing essays and book reports as it explores life’s relationships. It is a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift, it is also ideal for teachers to give to their students as we provide a series of questions at the end of the book. For the young martial artists, it is a book to inspire learning the arts.

“The Adventures of Ichi & His Friends” can be found on Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

Ichi, Shinji, Lalo, Kekoa and Shinji were characters designed by Michael Matsuda and brought to life by Eleazar Del Rosario. They are unique characters that will play a huge role representing the Martial Arts History Museum. Here is a litle info on each:

Ichi & His Friends from left to right: Kekoa who is from Waimea Village. Shinji, the young cousin of Ichi is from Kawa Village, the center figure is Sifu, who will be there teacher. Next to him is Prince Lalo, who is form the Kingdom of Meiyo and grandson of King Roiles. On the far right is Ichi who is form Tomi Village. His father and Shinji’s father are brothers.

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