The Martial Arts History Museum feels its important to be a vital part of the community. Through this page, we hope to enlighten you with key information of either learning a unique skill to improve our workforce development or learning some special tips that will help your business grow. The programs are always provided free-of-charge to everyone.

If you ever wanted to BECOME AN AUTHOR, this video will provide a host of great information that will get you on your way to a new career. Hosted by museum president and 10-book author, he will guide you through the steps of writing, designing, and more.

Becoming a LOGO DESIGNER is not as hard as it seems. Although you don’t have to be an artist, it helps if you have a little imagination, a little bit of graphic skills, and some great info that we are providing here. Enjoy this video on the world of logo design.

You too can have a successful YOUTUBE CAREER. With a little imagination and camera, you too can be part of this new wave of careers in creating your own Youtube Channel. It’s not quick, but if you have someone like us who will provide you some key elements, in a year or so, you can establish a new money-making career.

Oh, it’s not easy, but BECOMING A COMEDIAN can be done. Vince Cecere, one of Hollywood’s greatest comics, shares what he did get become a comedian and even get listed on the Wall at the Comedy Store. There is no step-by-step method of becoming a comic, but with some enthusiasm and some skills, it could happen.