Online Museum Tours

Now you can visit and enjoy a Tour of the Martial Arts History Museum by its president, Michael Matsuda

Bringing the Museum to You

This is a very exciting thing for the Museum. We realize there are so many people that do martial arts across the world and most of them will never have the opportunity to visit the Museum all the way here in Burbank, CA. So, we are doing the next best thing; bringing the Museum to you!

Coming in January 2017, (or maybe sooner), we are going to create a 1-hour tour of the Martial Arts History Museum with the Museum President Michael Matsuda. He will explain all the ins and outs of the Museum and take you through every section of the Museum. Cost will be the same as anyone coming to the Museum, just $10. Now, we never provide Museum tours to our visitors, just groups when they sign up in advance. So, there is something the average person doesn’t get. Most tours we provide are just 30 minutes, but we want you to enjoy the beauty of the Museum, get a wonderful history lesson (especially if you are doing a book report), and through this, it will support the Museum.