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Nestled in the city of Burbank, the Martial Arts History Museum is designed as an Asian educational, cultural, and artistic experience, it is a place in which visitors and young people can learn about each of the different Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, etc.) and how martial arts played a significant role in their culture, history, and traditions. It also provides a historical look at American history with sections on the History of Anime, Martial Arts in America, and Media arts including Hollywood films, tv, and magazines. The Martial Arts History Museum is something the whole family can enjoy and it is a great place for home school kids and public school kids to get an education about Asian history and write book reports about it. It is affordable and convenient.


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NOTE: The Museum will be closed the following days: Thursday, June 17 and Saturday, June 26 and Sunday, June 27, 2021.

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Coming this February, the greatest martial artists in the world gather together to share their techniques, movements and their personal method of fighting in an ongoing course to support the Museum.

The Martial Arts School Owners Group is available free-of-charge on Facebook. Created by School Owner Fariborz Azhakh, this is a terrific way for school owners to keep in touch and share information.

Enjoy the Museum’s New YOUTUBE CHANNEL. From “Biographies,” to our “Expert Class” to our “Pictoral History” to our latest “10 Things You Didn’t Know About…” Just CLICK HERE TO ENJOY.


Looking for the “Best Museums in Los Angeles”, then you will love the Martial Arts History Museum. Designed by the artists of the Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks, The Simpsons and Halloween professionals who kindly donated their time and services to make the Martial Arts History Museum an enjoyable place for the whole family. It is not a who’s who, it is not a sports museum, rather, it is about history, culture, art, music and tradition and how Asian history became part of American history.


Plan your next “field trip” for the Martial Arts History Museum. We provide “Unified School District Tours”, “Home School Tours”, “Special Education Tours”, “Senior Tours”, and more. The Museum is also a great place for “After School Activities”, “YMCA Events”, “Boys & Girls Clubs”, and a Fun Place for Kids to Enjoy. Tours take approximately 1 hour to enjoy. They include time to enjoy the Museum, a docent-led tour PLUS a fun Scavenger Hunt to earn a Museum sticker. Affordable group rate.


The Martial Arts History Museum hosts a variety of unique events and seminars twice a month. From Honor Days, movie screenings, anime exhibits, Asian artistry, Samurai history, language workshops, sushi seminars, animation drawings, craft displays, martial art demonstrations to sword cutting performances, makes the facility a place to visit frequently. We have some fantastic events that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Please visit the Martial Arts History Museum’s events page.


If you want to know more about the Museum, get the behind the scenes of their projects, keep updated on things that are happening and get special videos that only a rare few get to see, then PATREON.COM is for you. If you believe in the museum and support museum president Michael Matsuda’s effort to keep our history alive, then we invite you to show your support through our new “PATREON” page. Click Here for more info.


Enjoy the release of the Museum’s first children’s book, “The Adventures of Ichi & His Friend”. With characters created and represent the Martial Arts History Museum, it is now available on Amazon. CLICK HERE


This governor has ordered all events, including Dragonfest, closed. DRAGONFEST.COM

Martial Arts History Museum

Learn About Culture and History

The Martial Arts History Museum is an exciting place for the entire family to enjoy. Even if you’ve never done martial arts in your life, you will have a great time exploring how Asian history became part of American history through film, tv, animation and more. Artifacts include several Japanese Samurai, a unique look as the artistry of the Ninja or trans the roots of anime through our animation timeline.

If you enjoy movies and television, you will love our flim/tv timeline tracing roots to Anna May Wong and Akira Kurasawa’s epic film, the Seven Samurai. It takes close to an hour to visit the museum and scheduled tours are available.

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