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This has been a horrific year for the museum, for the martial arts community, for California, and for the world. Since COVID hit, businesses galore have been the most impacted. Small, cottage industry businesses have all closed up by order of the Governor of California. The hardest hit has been the martial arts studios. Around 80 to 90% of all martial arts studios have closed. Schools that were here for 40 years are now gone. The Museum has been forced to be closed for over a year. The small amounts the government has given us in “extremely hard to fill-out” grants are not even close to what we have lost. The plans for the Museum, the goals for Dragonfest, are all now on hold with who knows when they will allow us to get back to normal. I am asking that if you have benefited well and are looking for a place where you can donate funds, then consider the Martial Arts History Museum. I am so thankful that the Japanese American National Museum just received a $10 gift, that is wonderful, but they make millions per year and the Martial Arts History Museum is struggling along. Consider a generous gift to the Museum. Anyway, this is our newsletter for August 2021. I figure I should begin posting these here instead of always on Facebook

Latest News

Martial Arts Museum to Honor Martial Arts Pioneer and Action Film Star Karen Sheperd 

Burbank, CA – The Martial Arts History Museum is set to honor one of the greatest pioneers in the martial arts tournament circuit, Karen Sheperd. Sheperd was one of the most dominant forms and weapons competitors in the late 1970s. In fact, she was the...

Museum Re-Opens to Record Crowds

The Grand Re-Opening The World's First & Only Martial Arts HIstory Museum re-opens to the public with a gala grand opening event. Filled with martial arts icons, celebrities, and martial arts enthusiasts, the ribbon-cutting launched the open doors to a...

The Top 10 Must-See Museums in California

LOS ANGELES, CA – There are hundreds upon thousands of extraordinary museums across the globe. From the Louvre in Paris to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. These are specular facilities that bring in millions upon millions of visitors...

Asian Artistry
The Martial Arts History Museum is not just about the martial arts, it is an Asian Art Museum in California. From the designs of the samurai, the uniqueness of Thailand murals, the beauty of Korean culture to the weapon artistry of the Philippines. It is a place that celebrates Asian-American artistry.

Museums in Los Angeles
Burbank, the San Fernando Valley and more, we are all part of the great Los Angeles community. The Martial Arts History Museum brings new life to the museum community. Yes, we have art museums, music museums, grammy museums and museums that are so tall you can’t even see the sky. But now, comes the world’s first Martial Arts History Museum.

Museums in Los Angeles
The Martial Arts History Museum is about history. Featuring diverse cultures, it is a new ethnic museum in California. It reveals how Asians overcame racism, prejudice and more to bring martial arts to America. Bong Soo Han struggled for many years as a cab driver before people would accept Hapkido (they thought it was a food).

How the Museum Began
Michael Matsuda is the founder and president of the Martial Arts History Museum. Beginning as a traveling exhibit in 1999, the museum traveled across the nation and opened in Santa Clarita in 2006 and relocated to Burbank in 2010.