The Martial Arts History Museum, also registered as the Martial Arts Museum, is proud to provide a look back at history and display some iconic, awesome, amazing and even fun images of the early days and even our current times. I hope you enjoy them. These will change from time to time.

Our first ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Museum.

Ralph Castro is surrounded by his family on stage.

Cecil Peoples and Howard Jackson are inducted.

A different angle of the ribbon-cutting event.

Buck Sam Kong, Cacoy Canete and more are honored.

Chuck Merriman, Jim Harrison and more are honored.

The ribbon-cutting at our first location in Santa Clarita.

Museum founder Michael Matsuda greets guests.

The first Honor Awards are given.

The ribbon-cutting when we moved to Burbank, CA.

Joo Bang Lee, Richard Bustillo are honored.

Carrie Ogawa Wong, Philip Jennings in first Museum Play.

Joe Hyams being presented by John Corcoran at ceremony.

The primary cast of “Enter the Dragon” is honored.

Taejoon Lee inducts his father into the Museum.

Museum Hall of Famers gathering on stage together.

The first Funakoshi Award is given to Nancy Kwan.


Going head-to-head, Joe Lewis and Chuck Norris.

It’s pioneer and top fighter, Jim Harrison.

Donnie Williams faces off with his opponent.

Steve Sanders does Chuck Sullivan proud!

Cecil Peoples, Al Dacascos, John Natividad and more.

Linda Denley and Vivian Wickliffe battle it out.

Tournament icon, Thomas LaPuppet on the move.

Regionally ranked top fighter, Cynthia Prouder.

In the middle, torch-bearer Keith Vitali.

Fumio Demura, Tak Kubota, Ralph Castro and more.

Mike Stone, Jhoon Rhee, Allen Steen and more.

The leader of the pack, Barry Gordon.

Top rated tournament champion, Skipper Mullins.

The deadly left kick of icon Bill Wallace.

It’s one of the most popular fighters, Darnell Garcia.

Benny Urquidez, Richard Norton and Chuck Norris.

The great champion, Mike Stone.

Steve “Nasty” Anderson makes his mark.

The “King of Kata,” pioneer Eric Lee.

The one who started it all, the pioneer Karen Sheperd.

Arlene Limas, Keith Hirobayshi and more!

The impressive kung fu artist, Tayari Casel.

The great champion, Michelle “Mouse” Krasnoo.

Lori Landtrip, George Chung and the greats.

Top weapons competitor ever, Albert Leong.

Jim Brown, Robin Kane and the Doug Wong Team.

James Lew and Carrie Ogawa-Wong, impressive!

John Funk, George Chung and best of the best.

The champion of champions, the gracious Stuart Quan.

Christine Bannon-Rodrigues, top of the class.

The Queen of forms, films, martial arts, Cynthia Rothrock.

Wu Shu pioneer, Roger Tung with Doug Wong.

Japanese traditionalist, the popular Hidy Ochiai.

The Tae Kwon Do traditionalist, John Chung.

Malia Dacascos, the leader of champions.

Best kicks in the world, Simon Rhee.

Kickboxing great, Benny “the jet” Uquidez.

The power fighter, the leader, the champion, Lucia Rijker.

Joe Corley taking on Bill Wallace!

The champion of champions, Don “the dragon” Wilson.

Setting the table for the kickboxing generation.

Full-Contact Karate pioneer Jeff Smith.

Kickboxing pioneer and boxing great, Howard Jackson.

The “Magic Dragon,” the totally awesome Cecil Peoples.

Dennis Alexio, the powerhouse!

The “Queen of Kickboxing,” Lily Rodriguez.

The “Golden Greek,” Demetrius Havanas.

The kickboxing architect, Mike Anderson.

World Kickboxing/Boxing Champion Graciela Casillas.

Mauy Thai’s greatest fighter, Buakaw Banchamek

The answer to Muay Thai, Peter “Sugarfoot” Cunningham.

Kickboxing champion Cheryl “Legs” Wheeler.

The punisher, the great Kathy Long.

Kickboxing champion, Danny Lopez.

Eric Lee “King of Kata” and the “Magic Dragon” Cecil Peoples.

A long time ago, actor and martial artist Sasha Mitchell.

Crowds continuing to grow every year! 1 Billion!

Carl Totton with Ed Parker Jr. in the hallway.

Casper Van Dien, Wonder Woman and the dragons.

Dr. Bob, Tak Kubota, Gerald Okamura.

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