The martial arts. It has a way of making an impact on our lives. It gives us encouragement, it helps us to gain confidence, it opens the doors of opportunities to have a better life. It protects us against bullies but it also instills within us the ability to reach new goals and become a better person as a result.

I am calling on all of you. If you have benefitted from the martial arts, if it has helped you in your life, or your relationship, if it has provided you the opportunity to become an instructor, a student, a celebrity, or even a millionaire, now is the time to “give back.” Now is the time to combine our efforts to make sure the history of the martial arts won’t be lost or worse, forgotten forever. We have launched many campaigns in the past, but none like this. We, right now and at no other time, have the opportunity to ensure the legacy of the martial arts will continue. I cannot stress the urgency of this message. Join us as we encourage everyone who has done martial arts, everyone who knows someone who has done martial arts, everyone who teaches martial arts, and anyone who enjoys the benefits of having a museum, to make at least a $5 Donation to the museum as we push to reach $5 million for that new location. We need your help to make this possible. We need your help to ensure history will be remembered. $5 million is our goal and with millions of people who have done the arts, we can make it, we can do it!

Give at least $5 and we will list your name on this page for 1 full year. But, don’t be limited to just $5, you can give more. I know we can do this!!! Listing will be in highest donation order.

Robin & Kemi Price – $5,000.00
Cecil Peoples – $500.00
Neil Farber – $350.00
Shervin Ilbeig – $300.00
Rick St. Clair – $250.00
Matthew Moy – $200.00
Tory Ransome – $150.00
Darryl Vidal – $150.00
LA Shaolin Studios Ltd. – $150.00
Greg Garcia – $140.00
Elias Bosch – $100.00
Steve Lambert – $100.00
Brian Garrett – $100.00
Tim Flynn – $75.00
Jeff Powell – $50.00
Restita DeJesus – $50.00
Budoshin Jujitsu – $50.00
Yahron Carrillo – $50.00
Gerry Blanck – $50.00
American School of Martial Arts — Wake Forest Kung Fu Inc. – $50.00
Josh Freedman – $50.00
Blaine Stephenson – $50.00
Robert McCullough – $40.00
Lisa Pitch – $40.00
Maria Felicia Kelley – $30.00
Americus Abesamis – $30.00
Thomas Altum – $20.00
Chris Mackey – $20.00
Mel Eckman – $10.00
Mario Prado – $10.00
Eric Lee – $10.00
Eric Dutra – $5.00

Terence Boga – $5.00 – $5.00