Fariborz Azhakh

Fariborz Azhakh is a man of many talents. The obvious of course is his ability to create the most successful martial arts school in Southern California. Forming Team Karate Centers, he has taken a small hole in the wall and created a huge warehouse hosting multiple classes throughout the day with up to 400 students. But Azhakh is much more than a great teacher and marketing genius, he stepped into history by creating the first major martial arts resource website back in the 1990s when websites were almost unheard of. He not only created a resource page, but he created the first martial arts online magazine, the first online management software, the first standard martial arts website, and the first email distribution for martial arts websites. Called the “Father of Martial Arts on the Internet,” he also created websites for a number of martial arts pioneers. He also was one of the founder members of the museum by not only helping Michael Matsuda to put it on the internet but paid for the sponsorships as well.