Note: We added 9 more booths. If you selected a specific booth, your placement has not changed, just the number. So, no worries.

We are officially SOLD OUT OF BOOTHS. Please don’t call asking for a booth because there is none left to offer.
It’s a big place, we could have packed in more tables, but because of Covid, we made some breathing room
Thank you all for participating.

Golden Dragon Level Choices

Ok, here are some things you need to know. Please read this.

1. On the day of the event, it is CASH ONLY!
2. Each booth gets a TOTAL OF 2 TICKETS. That includes YOU and one other. If you have a helper, you will need to pay full price for them. This is a fundraiser so everyone needs to pay. Even if someone is there to help you unload, everyone who walks in that door must be paid for.
3. Please DO NOT ASK for free tickets. Every ticket we give away is less funds going to support the museum.
4. There is NO WILL CALL. Everyone will need their ticket to enter. There is NO LIST.
5. VENDORS need to arrive by 8 AM on Saturday, August 6 at 8 AM. Doors open at 11 so don’t come late. You will have 3 hours to set up.
6. All booths are numbered on the layout so please don’t switch booths. People will have a map of the booths.
7. Electricity is free, but you must bring an extension cord.
8. YOU WILL NEED TO BRING A TABLE CLOTH. They do not provide one. It’s 8-foot tables
9. Do not come the night before to set up. We only have a few hours to put up the pipe and drape
10. There will be food available just outside to purchase.
11. You will have 2 chairs.
12. There is parking on the premises. It is only $6. We do not reimburse or validate parking
13. There is an ATM across the street
14. These are much bigger booths than last year. We spaced them out because of covid. So yes, you can breathe this time.
15. No masks are required.
16. There are NO REFUNDS, period. If you have to cancel, you will either move your booths selection to the next year or allow your purchase to be a tax deduction for the museum.
17. We are really pushing booth rentals this year. If you are a celebrity and would like a booth, please consider purchasing a booth. This year will be hard on us and we are asking for your support.
18. BE NICE when you arrive. It is my wife at the door and she tells me everyone who is a jerk to her. We are not perfect, things will go wrong, but please be patient. This event is run by volunteers who give of their time to help you.
As President Kennedy noted, sort of, “Ask not, what the museum can do for you, ask what you can do for the museum”

Dragonfest is a wonderful event and this year, sponsorship by Burbank is no longer available so we are paying for the whole thing. Please be generous, become a sponsor or consider paying a little extra at the door. We want to keep this event alive.

Many thanks, Michael Matsuda
If you need to get a hold of me, call the museum at (818) 478-1722 or email me at