The Monkey family tree is very small since the art is only 100+ years old. In fact, the lineage is so small you can easily trace someone’s lineage. So, if they are lying, we all know. I put this family tree with information from Grandmaster Chan Sau Chung’s books and Grandmaster Y.C. Wong’s information and from my personal recording of the art. These are official records of the U.S. Tai Shing Pek Kwar Association. 

These listed in the tree are those individuals who have mastered the entire system. It does not provide regular students. These are Grandmasters only. I have put an “*” asterisk by the successors of the art. Those who learned everything and are passing it on to another generation. SPECIAL NOTE: Cho Chat Ling brought the art to America. He had only one student, Paulie Zink and no one else. Claims from someone who said they studied with him are false.

Certified Instructors in Monkey Kung Fu (Tai Shing Pek Kwar)

Master CJ Martinez, 6th degree, 7th Generation Master
Master Josh Freedman, 3r
d degree, 7th Generation Master
Master Jacquelyn Egger, 3rd degree, 7th Generation Master
Master Phoebe Wong, 3rd degree, 7th Generation Master
Master Josh Villen, 2nd degree, 7th Generation Master
Sifu Drew Smith, 1st degree