Past Exhibits & Special Events

The Martial Arts History Museum provides a number of historical, cultural and unique events


Avatar: The Last Airbender
Kids and visitors enjoy meeting some of the cast of the show.

Samurai Sword History
History Channel’s Rafael Kosche explains the beauty of the sword

Honoring the Life of Michelle Manu
Museum honors contribution of Hawaiian Culture

Honoring Anthony DeLongis
Tribute to stunt legend and weapons expert

Celebrating Clark Tang
Event paying respect to Wing Chun leader.

Cynthia Rothrock Day
Celebrating the life of icon and action star

Dennis Ichikawa Day
Paying tribute to this martial arts leader

Screening of The Real Miyagi Documentary
An historical look at Fumio Demura

Screening of The Master
A documentary/drama of man’s spirit

Rigan Machado Day
Honoring the life of Jiu Jitsu great

Ewart Chin Day
Celebrating life of film promoter

Ralph Castro Day
Honoring legend of Chinese Kenpo

John Natividad Day
Paying tribute to fighting legend

Kung Fu Movie Marathon
All day, kung fu movies

Chinese History
Exploring China


Anime Exhibit
The Kano Kid exhibit on modern anime

Donnie Williams Day
Ceremony to honor Bishop Williams

Muay Thai Photo Exhibit
A photography display of Muay Thai

A day featuring a dozen authors

Eric Lee Celebration
Honoring the life of icon Eric Lee

Volunteer Appreciation
Thanking our volunteers

Unveiling of Artifacts
Chuck Lidell’s shorts are unveiled

Screening of Martial Arts Kid
Anti-Bullying film is shown

Massage Theraphy
An evening of accupressure

Dragonfest Expo
Art, Culture, history featured

Filipino Cultural Performances
Stick artistry and dance

Relief Funds
Drive to raise funds for disasters

Game Night
Justin Waggle new release

Japanese American Museum
Performance for Target Day

Art Camacho
Honoring film director

Dave Burgett Day
Paying tribute to Kung Fu icon

Shaw Bros, Weekend
Kung fu movie marathon


Screening of Kung Pow Movie
Cast and crew honored at museum

Kung Fu History Photo Exhibit
Historical exhibit of Chinese Kung Fu

Unveiling of artifacts
Various artifacts are on display

A day featuring a dozen authors

Screening of Battle B-Boy
John Kreng production

Screening of Gorkha
A Shunny Bee production

Red Cross Blood Drive
Visitors give blood

Filipino Documentary
Kali means to Scrape

Sumo Seminar
A day of introducing Sumo

Sword Cutting Exhibit
Shinkendo demonstration

Origami Workshop
Kids enjoy learning origami

Book Reading
New books are introduced

Game Night
Visitors enjoy night of games

John Corcoran Day
Honoring writing icon

Dr. Robert Goldman Day
Paying tribute to Dr. Bob

Japanese Language Class
Honoring legend of Chinese Kenpo

Samurai Aristry and HIstory
Dr. Hall lecture

Lecture on Asian History
Asian impact on the West


Screening Good Soil
Shin Koyamada documentary

A day featuring a dozen authors

Honoring Fumio Demura
Celebrating his legacy

Samurai Sword Seminar
An historical look at the sword

Eric Lee Documentary
A film of the life of Eric Lee

Kid’s Movie Night
Kung Fu Panda

Sushi Seminar
Chef Maru Baba prepares

Artifact Unveiling
New items are revealed

Tai Chi Workshop
Seniors introduced to Tai Chi

Kung Fu Weapons History
Doug Wong hosts Chinese history

Chinese Language Class
Visitors learn basic Mandarin

Jun Chong Day
Paying tribute to this icon

Maurice Elemhem Day
Honoring magazine publisher

Leo Fong Day
Celebrating his legacy

Buck Sam Kong Day
Honoring his history

Anime History
Discussion on Anime


Filipino Culture Weekend
A variety of cultural performances

Japanese Language Class
Ongoing class on learning Japanese

Honoring the Life of Wen Mei Yu
Museum honors this tai chi legend

Honoring Tak Kubota
Tribute to karate icon

Celebrating Doug Wong
Event paying respect to kung fu leader.

Red Cross Blood Drive
Supporting the Red Cross

Arts & Crafts
Highlighting cultural artwork

Screening of Cultural Documentary
An historical look at Asian history

Samurai Sword 
It’s history and artistry

Kung Fu Weapons Demo
White Lotus kung fu

Fariborz Azhakh Day
Celebrating life of this icon

Filipino Language Class
Basic Filipino phrases

Senior Tai Chi
Introducing elderly tai chi


Douglas Wong Day
Honoring this kung fu legend

Meet UFC’s Fabiano Iha

Sword Demonstration
Japanese swordsmanship

Cynthia Rothrock Day
Tribute to film icon

Tai Chi
Introduction to tai chi

Japanese Cooking
Exploring Sushi

Martial Arts Weaponry
Highlighting Asian weapon history

Wellness Workshop
Exploring health issues

Stunt workshop
Art Camacho Class

Karate Demo
Japanese Karate performance

Hawaiian Day
Celebrating Hawaiian culture

Movie Night
Enjoying animation films

Shaw Bros Weekend
All day kung fu movies

Chinese Lion Performance
Cultural Lion Dance