Video Gallery

Creating a legacy of videos for others to enjoy. Facebook and other media will come and go, but if we work together, it will be a Museum that will carry on and be a holder for our history. We have a lot of videos at the Museum and even though we have special place for Members to view them, we thought we would put a few here from time to time for those we have honored. I hope you will enjoy them.

MUSEUM COMMERCIALS: The following are a variety of commercial videos that were produced for airing on Nickelodeon, the History Channel, A&E, Fox Sports and a few others. Produced by William Chris Ford as a donation to the Museum.

MOVIE PREMIERE: We are very fortunate to have both the movie premieres, unveiling, and special events as the Museum. We don’t shoot them all because we don’t have funding for a media dept., but we do our best to gather what we can. Donations will help. Enjoy.

Samurai Cop 2

Samurai Cop 2

GI Joe 2

TRIBUTE DAYS: A Wonderful thing the Museum does for the community is hold special days in which we pay tribute to one of our own. This gives the opportunity, while they are still alive, to say “thank you.” It is a 2-hour ceremony of a person’s life impact.

Rigan Machado Day

Dr. Robert Goldman

John Corcoran Day

Jun Chong Day

SHOUT OUT! The Museum is the only place that does all these wonderful things for the martial arts community on a consistent basis. Your funds keep it alive and your funds will help us grow into a large place. Please enjoy some shout outs.

SPEAKING OUT! This is it, this will be the only museum that is dedicated to the martial arts. The costs are enormous with very little return. Time to stop waiting on the sidelines and join us. Here, some icons talk about the Museum.

KICKING IT! This was a very cool, three part video show about martial arts odds and ends. Unfortunately, it took so much time to put it all together, we put it on the shelf. We still have 3 more episodes but alas, we’ll probably never have time for them.

DRAGONFEST! With the blessings of Gerald Okamura, the museum brought back the Dragonfest Convention. We relaunched it two years ago and our new event is coming July 9. Don’t miss it.

ITEMS OF INTEREST! We’ve done a ton of videos and many of them are available to our paid Memberships so please consider joining. These videos talk about our new products and campaigns. Enjoy.,