Impact Our Future Building Campaign

Join us as we set our goals in acquiring a larger location for the Museum

Please join us as we launch our “IMPACT OUR FUTURE” campaign. We are having growing pains and we need to move into a larger location. We are asking every martial arts school, every martial artist, every martial arts companies, all those who enjoy museums and all those amazing philanthropists to make a one-time donation of $50 to $100 or more. We have over 27,000 martial arts schools in America alone, not to mention each having from 10 up 400 students. We are asking for each of you to make a commitment. If we all join together, as a community, we can raise enough funds to move into a much larger facility.

Now is the time to be part of the Museum. We’ve demonstrated, at 17 years we are here to stay. Your donation is not only a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE amount, but in turn, you will receive: 1) Your School’s Name  Or  2) Individual’s Names Or 3) Company Name on the Museum’s website as we exchange links. Those giving over $100 will receive a free Museum T-Shirt. Be part of something wonderful, be part of the martial arts community, give back to the arts that have been so good to you. Join us and make a donation today and make a difference, IMPACT OUR FUTURE!!! We can do this if we do it together!!!

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