1. How much is parking?   $6
  2. Does the museum validate?   Sorry, but we don’t validate
  3. Can I use my credit card to pay?    Sorry, cash only for this event
  4. Is there an ATM around?   Not at the civic auditorium, but at the gas station about a block away
  5. Do you provide complimentary tickets?    This is a charity event so we do not provide complimentary tickets
  6. Please do not ask for free entrance
  7. Is everyone required to have a ticket?   Yes, so don’t forget your tickets
  8. What if I forgot my ticket?   If you purchased a ticket using Eventbrite, we can easily access it
  9. What if someone a vendor gave me a ticket and I lost it?    Since you did not purchase it, you will have to buy one at the door
  10. I’m a celebrity, shouldn’t I get in for free?   Sorry, this is a fundraiser and as a celebrity, you should be glad to give more
  11. Is there a Will Call list?    Nope. We don’t have a VIP list, we don’t have will call. A ticket is required
  12. What time do the doors open? 11 am for the general public
  13. Can I get in earlier? Only if you are a vendor
  14. I’m with the press, can I get in?    Only pre-approved press are allowed without a ticket
  15. I was invited by _______?    Invited doesn’t mean your entrance is paid. You need a ticket
  16. Do not ask for Michael Matsuda to come to the door because you can’t get in free. He is not only running the event, he will ask that you pay
  17. Someone is just going to help me set up and then leave?   They still need a ticket to enter
  18. Someone has my ticket inside Dragonfest?   You will need to contact them to bring your ticket to the door
  19. What is the WiFi password?  COD_guest
  20. Can I make an announcement on stage?   Sorry, stage time is all booked
  21. Does the $50 include the seminars?   Yes, there are 8 seminars, 2 at the same time
  22. Can children do the seminars?    Sorry, the seminars are for adults only. A liability form must be filled out to attend
  23. Is there a discount for seniors?    Sorry, most of the attendees are seniors and we wouldn’t raise any funds for the museum
  24. Is there a military discount?    If you are an “active military” with your ID card, you will be let in free
  25. Is there a discount for veterans?    Sorry, most of the people inside are veterans and we need to raise funds for the museum
  26. I’m a vendor and I need to leave early. Sorry, if you plan to be a vendor you must stay till closing, 5 pm, Otherwise, don’t get a vendor booth. People come in at 4 pm, pay the $50 and half the booths were gone. It doesn’t look good for the community.
  27. Tickets are $50 and if you give them $60, if you can, let the $10 change be a donation.
  28. If you have a ticket, give an extra $10 or whatever, to help us out as we relocate
  29. Where can I donate to the museum at Dragonfest?    The museum store will accept all donations, credit card is fine
  30. Are tickets and donations tax-deductible?    Yes, they are. We are a fully active non-profit 501c3 organization
  31. Where do the funds go?    100% of the funds go to the museum as they prepare to relocate to Glendale
  32. Are you moving?   We are in the final stages of the paperwork, if the parties involved can both agree, we will be ready to move in
  33. Who is running Dragonfest today?    Michael Matsuda, Karen Matsuda
  34. Please be very nice when addressing the registration area.  A) My wife runs the counter and B) These are all my students and friends giving of their time without pay to help. So please don’t give them a hard time.
  35. Please do not argue with our volunteers at all. Michael doesn’t put up with arguments and will ask you to leave
  36. Be courteous, be patient and be honorable, we are martial artists and that is supposed to be our biggest trait
  37. Let’s have a lot of fun and see if we can raise millions for the museum