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Keeping Small Museums Alive

Without a doubt, Covid-19 has had a horrific effect on the business community, especially small businesses. With a governor who decides to open and close on a whim, a considerable percentage of small business owners will close their doors forever. For martial arts schools, the closure rate will be 90%, and small restaurants will also suffer a massive number of casualties. For museums, especially the small ones, of which there are many, the effort, their lifeblood, has had to close its doors since April with no reopening in sight.

Without visitation, without events, the small museums which in California alone, equal to about 300 plus. Most of which is entirely manned by a volunteer staff. For the Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank, CA, this has been the case.

Ordered to close in April, the museum has not received any income to keep its doors open. Normally, the museum hosts three events a month which brought in the bulk of their funding; which is no longer a possibility.

Small museums play an essential part in any community. In many cases, it is the only place in which local history is recorded and displayed. It is a place to remember and appreciate. Unfortunately, as closures continue, the fate of the small museums may be closer than we think.

The Martial Arts History Museum, a fixture for 21 years, is forced to find new ways of raising funds. Recently, the have launched a Facebook Fundraising Drive, which has brought in $11,000 in the last month, and just three weeks ago, they relaunched their Youtube channel, which is very close to meeting the requirement to be monetized.

The hope of small museums is in our hands, and if we can support them now, they can, whether through this horrible time in history and be there for many generations to learn and appreciate.

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