In addition to the wonderful displays at the Museum (designed by the people of Disney, the Simpsons, Dreamworks and more), the Museum’s huge draw are their events. From Sushi seminars, martial arts demonstrations, Asian musical performances, movie screenings, martial arts celebrity days and more, you don’t want to miss these great events. Events are all $10 unless specified

Jan. 10, 2015   -   6 pm to 9 pm

An RSVP is required for this event. We will be unveiling the coat worn by David Carradine in the Kung Fu TV series, the Gopher Chucks used by Steve Oedekerk in Kung Pow Movie and the unveiling of the Anime Section. Special guests include the cast of the old Kung Fu Series. If you would like to come, please email us at We will also have  special presentation for the Carradine family.

January 17, 2015  -  6 pm to 9 pm

If you were honored in 2014 to be in the Honor Awards, the wall will be installed in the Museum that evening with a special unveiling. Come enjoy a time to get together, hang out and see your picture in the Museum. This is a FREE EVENT.

January, 2015 (date to be determined)

A special screening of Shuny Bee’s new film at the Museum.



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