– Ways to Give

Single Donation:
Making a donation is your opportunity to give back to the martial arts by supporting the Museum. This button will provide a link to a one-time, tax-deductible gift:


Monthly Donation:
Another way of supporting the Museum is through automatic subscription. You can select how much you would like contributed each month. This is a great way to give:

Automatic Payment Options

Legacy Society
We invite you to become part of a special group of donors, people who are actually “giving back” to the community.

The Martial Arts History Museum honors and pays tribute to those individuals who have arranged current and future gifts to the Museum. It is a creation of a legacy and ensures that the history of the martial arts will not be forgotten.

With so many of our elders and generation-builders passing away, we stand at the verge of losing a history that will be lost forever. By contributing to the Museum, we can continue that legacy for this and future generations.

Since the Martial Arts History Museum is a NON-PROFIT 501(C)(3) ORGANIZATION, your gift of preserving cultural history and identity could benefit you financially as a tax-deduction.

One of the more unique ways to contribute a “special gift” is to include a contribution to the Museum in a will or living trust. A gift can be a specific amount, a special item from your collection, etc. This type of gift is very important because it reveals the importance you place on your experience through the martial arts. It tells your friends and family that this is something you cherished in life and you feel it’s important enough to keep this legacy alive.

Beneficiary Designation
A designation to the Museum as a beneficiary of retirement assets, IRA, 401Ks, bank accounts, life insurance policies, etc. is another way of contributing. You can leave a portion to the Museum or the entire balance, if your heirs have been provided for. It is a tax-deductible gift and if you don’t have any heirs, it is an opportunity to give to an artform you love so much instead of losing it all to the government.

If you are interested in these unique opportunities, please contact the Museum.

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